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Produce your own Legionella Risk Assessment using our online template and become legally compliant for just £10.95.  You can view a completed sample here : (see sample)

Your completed risk assessement is lodged on our central register with a time and date stamp to avoid any question about if and when a Legionella Risk Assessment was undertaken on a property. A copy will be emailed to you immediately on completion and you can order further copies at any time. All assessments are securely stored on our register for the required 2 year period.

The report fully complies with your legal obligations as a landlord and contains the advice required by your tenants in a pre populated template. You simply add some additional property information and follow the simple step by step guide to complete the assessment. Any HSE updates or new advice for tenants is automatically updated onto your report and you receive an email informing you that your updated report is available for download.

All landlords of domestic rental properties must undertake a Legionella Risk Assessment to comply with legal requirements..

The Health and Safety Executive (hse.gov.uk)  states that landlords can undertake the assessment themselves if they are competent and understand what is required.

Our step by step guide and simple process will ensure you understand what is required and will automatically produce an assessment which covers your legal requirements and gives practical advice to your tenant. Our report is written by fully trained and accredited Legionella Risk Assessors and is updated as required.

Professional Layout

Your Landlord Legionella Risk Assessment will be emailed to you in PDF format. The professional layout gives advice and guidance to your tenant and fully satisfies the legal obligations now in place for landlords.

A copy of the report will also be kept on our register in case you ever need it. You can download a copy at any time and we will also send you a reminder in 24 months when you need to complete the assessment again.

Get complete peace of mind with full compliance of the new legal requirements for just £10.95 per property.

Our Legionella Risk Assessment template is written by qualified Legionella Risk Assessors and is updated when required.

If you do not wish to do the assessment yourself you can visit www.lraregister.com where you will find a directory of trained legionella risk assessors who will be able to help you.

If you are a letting agent and would like to become a member of the LRA Registers and have your own branded legionella risk assessment assessment template please register for an account. Please enquire from the top right menu and admin will contact you.




Stay Legal for £10.95

Understand your legal obligations.

You must have a 'Legionella Risk Assessment' which is what we provide here at The LRA Register.

From the hse.gov.uk website

Case 357: Some consultants & letting agents are misinterpreting landlords responsibilities regarding legionella risks to their tenants.

Please be clear. If someone says that you need a Legionella Test Certificate this is incorrect and can be very expensive. 'Testing' for legionella is not required.

What you must have is a 'Legionella Risk Assessment' which is what we provide here at The LRA Register.

Landlords or their letting agent can follow our step by step guide to produce their own assessments.

The system guides you through the process and provides an assessment for your tenant which enables you to comply with your legal duties for just £10.95

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Recent Feedback

Private Landlord
I found the risk assessment very user friendly and the process of assessing risk really straightforward. I was impressed by Martin after spotting an error that I had made on the assessment. He facilitated the production of another report at no extra cost. I would have no hesitation about recommending this product to other landlords.

Ian Sanders
The time and date of the assessment wasn't included on my report. Is it possible to edit a report once submitted? My email is
Please reply. Many thanks
Ian Sanders

John Millar
Private landlord
The guide is helpful and very straightforward to apply in practice
I much appreciated the prompt refund when I paid twice in error

Celia Cockett
Brilliant! so comprehensive and easy to do - well worth £10+. Had to make a call as I had a problem with shower temp. and this was resolved satisfactorily.
Great, thank you

Landlords David & Maureen Kerr

Thank you for an efficient service, special thanks to Martin, will definately recommend to other Landlords.

Barbara Krzywda

Online assesment easy to complete. Excellent service. Thank you for your help Martin.
Will recommend.

E. Starmer
Private Landlord
Super service, easy instructions to follow, great template and same day report emailed. I made a mistake on my original form and Martin sorted straight away at no extra charge! BRILLIANT.

Mary Moore
Private land lord
I am a first time landlord with an excellent plumber.
The instructions were easily followed an the template easily completed. The speed of the response after paying was amazing.

R Webb

An Excellent Service, easily carried out and value for money.
Would reccommend to all Landlords

Harry Morris
Very impressed with the very easy to understand
LRA Assessment Registration form.

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